darkness descends



Keaton Henson, London, November 2013

describe your crush/es asked by Anonymous

uhmm this is tricky because i don’t really have a proper big crush so…

i basically have will have a crush on any guy who is cute (yeah shallow idc), has nice glasses, reads, good taste in films + music, is KIND and NICE 

apologies for this lacklustre reply i’m sure you were hoping i would describe someones mesmerising dark eyes or how their freckles look like little universes or how their hands churn the air when they talk and then how they make me feel and all that jazz but no i am sorry this will have to do


We Might Feel Unsound — James Blake

do you have a boyfriend? if you don't, is there anyone you might have a crush on? also all your clothes are super cute, where do you shop? asked by Anonymous

noo i don’t have a boyfriend 

i have crushes on lots of boys but nothing serious.

also thanks! umm i get my clothes from places like gorman, american apparel, dangerfield, topshop etc

I am listening to Keaton Henson for the first time in a little while. I had forgot how fitting his music is for quiet, windy evenings — I think I may just drift away.



King Krule

There is terror in my teeth and mistakes tangled in my hair.

My nails have been cracked by good intentions;

don’t leave me here alone. 


A crisp wind howls and chills and haunts. 

The leaves sway in time to a mocking beat.

So, this is paralysed.


As the quiet fades so does myself, 

slowly dissolving into the nothingness…


The nothingness. 


I am hit and it aches.

Awake. Am I awake?


I do not fit.

I fill no empty spaces. 


Alone in this dreaded company. 


Cold fingers grab at my vacant stares. Too close:

I am empty and they are too close. 


Voices ring hollow as the breeze blows on.

For you, I am undone. 


Goodbye, Gabriel García Márquez. I’d have loved a rum with you.

Beth / Rest (live at NPR) — Bon Iver

Justin Vernon has one of the most evocative voices that I have ever encountered.

I have a heavy heart and tears in my eyes. I feel whole.