darkness descends


Goodbye, Gabriel García Márquez. I’d have loved a rum with you.

Beth / Rest (live at NPR) — Bon Iver

Justin Vernon has one of the most evocative voices that I have ever encountered.

I have a heavy heart and tears in my eyes. I feel whole.


The sky is so beautiful / clear tonight. I could spend my whole life lying in the grass staring at the stars.



Kiyomitsu Saito

Shabop Shalom - Devendra Banhart

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Simone de Beauvoir, Paris, années 1930. Photo: Denise Bellon. 



Mia Farrow with Beatles masterpieces Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Magical Mystery Tour.
do you have Facebook? or any other social media? because you always seem to be able to get off social media if you have a lot to do, i was wondering if that just applies with tumblr? what do you allow as a distraction from your school work/general things you have to get done? and how do you beat that distraction, stop procrastinating and actually get things done? THANKYOU SO MUCH! asked by Anonymous

Yes I do have Facebook. I have usually found it fairly easy to distance myself from the internet but this is becoming less and less the case. I often find myself checking facebook/instagram simply out of habit when i should be doing other things.  If it is technology that is distracting you then get rid of it. Don’t study with your phone next to you / your computer open. If you need to use your computer for school work then log out of all of your regular websites so even if you go to use them by habit you are reminded not to use them. They are plenty of apps that will block websites for a certain amount of time if your self control isn’t strong enough. I quite often stay back at school to get work done or I will go to the library. It really helps to have a space that is for working only so as soon as you enter that space you know it’s time for business haha. 

I hope this helps even if it is only a little, sorry if it is completely off point.